Giizis Mooka'am (Sun/Moon Rise) is a 16mm film project made as part of the Waabanishimo (She Dances Till Daylight) series. These films bend time and collapse the space between Los Angeles and Santa Fe, the ghost world and the world of the living. The titles are in Ojibwa with english translation. Part 1: Giizis Mooka’am: Giiwe (Sun/Moon Rise: She Goes Home) Part 2: Giizis Mooka’am: Waabanishimo (Sun/Moon Rise: She Dances Till Daylight) Sound by Jon Almaraz 16mm film Los Angeles, CA and Santa Fe, NM, 2016 Shown as a single channel 16mm film at the Echo Park Film Center in February, 2016. Installed as a dual monitor video display at the Museum of Contemporary Native Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the fall of 2015. Installed as dual 16mm projections at Automata Gallery in Los Angeles in the summer of 2015. Funding provided the inaugural Mike Kelley Artist Grant and Echo Park Film Center with additional support provided by the California Institute of the Arts Faculty/Staff Project Grant

Giizis Mooka'am (Sun/Moon Rise)
Dual 16mm film loops with sound by Jon Almaraz
Automata Gallery, Los Angeles, June 2015
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