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Little Shell Studios is the creative work of Eve-Lauryn Little Shell LaFountain.

LaFountain is a Turtle Mountain Chippewa and Jewish multimedia artist and educator based in Los Angeles. Her work investigates her mixed heritage, history, feminism, ghosts, and magic through lens based media and installation art.

Featured Work          

You Are On Native Land for Black Hills Legal Defense Fund

A Collaboration with Cody Edison

This set of images was created as a collaboration between Eve-Lauryn LaFountain (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and Cody Edison to support the Black Hills Legal Defense Fund. LaFountain wove together strips of found film and scratched the words "You Are on Native Land" into the emulsion. The titles are in Ojibwe, her tribal language, which she learns word by word through her art practice. She sent the three original weavings to Edison in the mail, he contact printed them in the darkroom, and will send them out to those who purchase them.

These postcards act not as souvenirs of places from the sender, but rather as a reminder to the receiver that America was founded on the genocide and stolen lands of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, the people who have continued to survive and protect their lands for 528 years and counting. The postcards are physical acknowledgments of the Indigenous peoples who are the ancestral and continual caretakers of this land. As we send these Indigenous land acknowledgments in the mail, we invite you to learn more about the history and current state of continued colonial occupation of Indigneous lands. This series supports the land defenders on the front lines who were arrested on July 3rd protecting the sacred Black Hills against further desecration by white supremecists. 

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