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On View at KARST in Plymouth, UK
14 JAN - 12 FEB 2022

Metigoshe Jiibayag (Clearwater Ghosts) (2022)
3 loops of varying duration. Sound: Jon Almaraz

Metigoshe Jiibayag (Clearwater Ghosts) is a new multimedia video and sound installation commissioned by Directions. It consists of two floating rear projection screens, allowing the viewer to walk between and around the screens and become part of the video as their shadows move across the images. Sound by Jon Almaraz echoes throughout the gallery space, creating an otherworldly experience. The first part of the title is Ojibwe, the traditional language of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa people, and the second part is a rough translation into English. The video was shot at Lake Metigoshe at Turtle Mountain in North Dakota. This is part of the artist’s ancestral tribal lands which were severed by the US/Canadian border. The lake itself is cut by the border, but the water runs freely. The people can no longer travel freely across the waters, border control agents regularly patrol the park areas, a reminder that this land has been divided. The video was shot on the 4th of July, the United States Independence Day. Fireworks explode on an island in the center of the lake, the lights in the distance are in Canada, the spectators in the front are in America. Many are distant relatives whose lives, families, traditions, and cultures have been divided by settler colonial nations. The fire rains down from the middle, reflections of violence and wonder dancing off the clear water. The sound washes over the viewers as they stand between two screens, on a border surrounded by ghosts and trails of light, memories of time expanded and collapsed.

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