Santa Fe, NM— Christmas Eve with Eve LaFountain and Matthew Rowe, an exhibition highlighting contemporary artists Eve LaFountain and Matthew Rowe will open at Addison Rowe Gallery (229 East Marcy Street) on Friday, December 23rd, 2016 and the show will close on January 27th, 2016. A public reception will be held on December 23rd, 2016 from 5:00-7:00 PM. 
Eve LaFountain’s Photography plays with the intersections of photography, film, and sound her installations often explore various uses for image based media. She uses film as a physical medium as opposed to just an invisible carrier. In several of her works she creates her own ceremonies in order to understand traditions. How does Eve, a contemporary mixed blood woman, hold onto heritage, learn her tribal language and connect with the ways her ancestors lived? Her ancestors created their homes and lives based on what was around them. Survival is adaptation. She doesn’t have buffalo hides to make a tipi with but, as a filmmaker, she does have film. Her fire is the flicker of a projector shining through the layers of an imposing culture, and through that gossamer She finds glimmers of the ghosts She carries with her. The ghosts of her ancestors, friends, and family walk with her through her life as she explores who she is by attempting to understand where she comes from, and building a home and community for herself. This work invokes those spirits though communication with land, light and time. 
Matthew Rowe’s ceramic work explores the differences between functional art and fine art, and challenges the preconceptions associated with ceramics. His sculptural works are contemporary artifacts that blur the line between painting and sculpture. Matthew’s sculpture is influenced as much by archaeology and primitive architecture as art theory—he strives to capture spontaneous moments in clay and present them as a piece of history. His functional work takes traditional Japanese porcelain techniques, and goes in the opposite direction; rather than smooth porcelain, they are rough stoneware. Rather than relying on specific glaze chemistry, they utilize spontaneous painting techniques for surface decoration. According to Mr. Rowe, “As with most things in life, when I finally rejected everything I was taught, I started to make my best work". 
Matthew Rowe and Eve LaFountain are childhood friends and this will be there first time exhibiting together.
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